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Leadership TriCounty Class of 2023 October Session

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Posted on Tuesday, December 20, 2022
By: Hailey Heimbach
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Leadership TriCounty Class Recap October 6th

Everyone was looking their best this day as we all had the opportunity to have our headshots taken by a current member of the class. After we were all done smiling and posing for the camera, we settled down and went over the agenda for the day. We debriefed about the previous class held at Althouse Arboretum and discussed the ropes course, which many of us mentioned was out of our comfort zone. However, we learned to face our fears and formed more robust relationships. We continued to listen to others share personal stories and hear about the different lessons each of us learned.

Before lunch, we took a deep dive learning about all the personalities associated with John Maxwell’s DISC personality assessment. Prior to this class, each of us took an assessment and reviewed our results with our director, Jenna Armato, to understand our human behavior. We used this time to come together as a class and understand the different personalities and traits that everyone possesses and how we can alleviate stress and identify our triggers when communicating effectively with others. We played a fun number game which helped us understand our behavior and recognize that with the right tools and resources, we can understand ourselves better and relate to others, becoming effective in our communication as leaders.

After lunch, we had some Mastermind Time, where we listened to one another’s challenges and successes, supported each other, delivered sound advice, and celebrated our wins!

We then drove to the Challenger Learning Center, where the class had the opportunity to experience a space mission designed initially for 5th to 8th-grade students. The class walked into a briefing room where they divided us into two groups, astronauts, and mission control. We heard from an actual NASA Astronaut who told us details about the mission we were on. Our mission was the Lunar Quest—where humans will return to the Moon! When the spacecraft and crew landed on the Moon, a Lunar Rover was deployed to search for suitable living conditions to sustain human life in an actual habitat. During the mission, you could be a part of various teams such as Life Support, Communications, Geology, Biology, Robotics, and Engineering. It was critical for everyone to be aware of our surroundings, to speak up, and use our communication skills to explain our status and what was needed from one another.

We ended the day with a debrief where we discussed what we had learned throughout the day and shared how we could incorporate those findings into our daily lives.

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